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As a reporter for newspaper, radio and online publications, I have had the opportunity to write some cool stories about some very creative individuals. Here are links to a few of my favorites:

Aldous Collins Band wins New England Music Award

Pop quiz: which local band was most recently crowned “Best in New Hampshire” at the New England Music Awards?

Hint: the members do not currently reside in New Hampshire.

Hometown gal Cassie Cardelle heads to Sweet Home Alabama

A Cohasset girl is looking for love in Alabama.

Cassie Cardelle appears this month on CMT’s “Sweet Home Alabama: Season 2,” a reality show in the vein of “The Bachelor” in which 22 female contestants vie for the romantic affections of Tribble Reese, a former Clemson quarterback and current MBA student from Birmingham, Ala. Reese was a competing bachelor on the show last season.

In a country music channel twist, the show pits country girls against city girls.

Corky Laing rocks the C-Note

The rocker explained that Mountain’s album “Nantucket Sleighride” was inspired by nautical New England.

“The metaphors, the symbolism is the music business,” said Laing, using the “symbolism of the whaling industry and the ocean as the scary world of rock and roll.”

It seems that Laing has had no trouble navigating those waters. “Mississippi Queen” – arguably one of the most famous “cowbell” songs of all time – was a chart-topper in 1970. Laing looked back to ’70s rock for inspiration for his new album as the outfit The Perfect Child, “Playing God.”

Making music in Cohasset: Prog rock guitarist Jon Durant

Down at the end of Surrey Drive lives a musician who is making a type of music you won’t hear by turning on your radio.

Jon Durant, a guitarist and producer with his own record label, decided long ago that he would create the type of music he is passionate about and enjoys listening to the most — progressive rock.

“It’s hard to describe what I do,” Durant said of his unique music during a visit in his home studio. “The fact is, it really is different. Everybody asks, ‘What kind of music do you play?’ It’s a difficult thing [to explain] all the music that has influenced me over the years... All the music I liked didn’t fit inside the boundaries.”

Local fashion designer launches fall line

Summer may be just around the corner, but in the fashion world, spring is the time to showcase fall designs.

Cohasset-based fashion designer Robert Merton, owner and founder of Alistair Archer, is right on time with his new line of trench coats, umbrellas, and customized Wellington rain boots.

Cohasset architect makes mark on NYC

The next time you’re in Manhattan, you might stroll by one of a few new haunts designed by an architect from Cohasset.

Cohasset native Robert Stansell III is making his mark as an architect in New York City. Drawing influence from the city’s Industrial Age aesthetic, Stansell and business partner Tim Welsh started Emporium Design to create unique, artsy spaces that New Yorkers – and visitors – will keep coming back to over and over. Their latest venture, gastropub Boulton & Watt, which they not only designed but also co-own, has opened to rave reviews and is poised to become part of the Lower East Side landscape.

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