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Ready to tell your story?

Whether you need a writing coach, copy editor, or proofreader, I am here to help breathe life into your work. I will help you construct, shape, and streamline your story, and ensure your manuscript is ready for querying or


My editing rates and timeline are determined with your deadline and budgeting needs in mind. If you would like to do multiple rounds of edits, we can bundle those together at a discounted rate.


Ready to get started? Email me at, or fill out the form on my CONTACT page for rates and more information.

I look forward to working with you!


I hold a B.A. in Communication Arts/Writing

and have 15+ years' professional experience

as an award-winning reporter, editor,  proofreader, 

and content specialist. 

Types of Editing

Laptop Writing

Developmental Editing

This is a big picture edit of the entire book's structure. I will read through your manuscript and evaluate the plot and 

how it flows, as well as identify if there are any inconsistencies or plot holes that need fixing. I also review the story structure, pacing, tension, consistency, narrative voice, and character development.

Person Writing

Line Editing

This stage of the editing process involves a thorough line-by-line edit of your manuscript. Here, I evaluate sentence structure and flow, check paragraphs for logical order, and flag the manuscript for any "speed bumps" to ensure a smooth read.


I will also address grammar, punctuation, missing words, overused words, spelling errors, capitalization, hyphenation, and any other glaring issues that come to my attention. 



Proofreading is the final stage to prepare your manuscript for publication. Whether you have gone through one round of edits or several, this is the last chance to clean up any remaining mistakes, missing words, punctuation problems, etc.

This is the final polish before your book baby goes off to press.

Not sure where to start?

Request a free sample edit of your first five pages!

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